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Dory Video

Specialist Underwater and Location Videographer

About Dory Video

James Clark (aka Dory Video) is a BS-AC Advanced Mixed Gas CCR (rebreather) diver and underwater videographer who enjoys filming the wrecks and wildlife around the temperate waters of the British Isles and abroad. James  is an experienced and accomplished Diver (CMAS 3-star, BS-AC Advanced Diver).


Using high definition (HD) and 4K Broadcast-ready video recorders for all my video footage you can depend on the highest level of production and professionalism. All cameras are all housed in rugged waterproof housings for underwater/wet work with quality optics for distortion-free images.


The UK’s wildlife is simply fantastic and James loves to capture it’s majesty in HD video. He is always looking for opportunities to record wildlife in the waters around the UK.


There are 1000’s of wrecks and reefs in the UK; this is the ‘staple diet’ of most British divers. James has already recorded many dive sites around the British Isles, many of which feature on his YouTube channel


Whether it is in a swimming pool or in the open water, James am very happy to record training materials for your training agency . James have already produced training videos for BS-AC, RoSPA and King’s College London.

Stock Footage

James hold a wide range of high-definition stock footage showing much of the UK's wildlife and wrecks in detail. Contact him if you are looking for footage for your video production.

Broadcast Video

I use the Sony Ex1R solid state 1/2" three
CCD broadcast camera which produces excellent images suitable for TV and film production.

I also have b-roll cameras and 4K action cameras to capture footage of divers, wildlife or wrecks.

Robust Housings

I use Gates underwater housings. The Ex1R housing also supports a nanoflash, external screen, and Fathom Imaging wide angle port for crystal clear quality HD video

Location Recording

With a combination of top-side and waterproof high-definition video equipment I am able to provide footage of dive sites, in-water training or educational work.

See some of my videos

I have a YouTube channel on which you can view many video shorts produced while diving around the UK.  Below you can see two selected videos from the collection. 

Diving with grey seals in the Farne Isles

There is something really special about diving with grey seals. The seals in the Farne Isles are particularly playful and inquisitive.

Visit my YouTube channel for 100s more videos

The wreck of the E49 in Shetland

Probably one of the most dived wrecks in Shetland. The E49 submarine lies in around 31m of water and the visibility is usually excellent.

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